The Encyclopedia of Civil War Battles

Advance Appraisals of the Encyclopedia of Civil War Battles

“It is rare to find a historian who can tell his stories with the skills of a novelist, bringing alive people and events with powerful narrative skills and an eye for telling detail. It is truly rare to find these qualities in the entries and articles of an encyclopedia. Jay Robert Nash is an encylopedist perhaps like no other. In a long and successful career, he has produced exhaustive works in diverse fields, from film history to human and natural disasters to criminals and crime. The research he has put into his newest work, the Encyclopedia of Civil War Battles, is remarkable. The passion he has for the subject is evident in his writing, an unexpected, elegant, delightful bonus for any reader who delves into his work.”

— William Mullen
Pulitzer Prize Winner, Chicago Tribune

“Jay Robert Nash has put himself into the rare air of important American writers with his latest work. The Encyclopedia of Civil War Battles is the main course and dessert for those who hunger for a better understanding of why we are the way we are in this great country. Roll up your sleeves. The ride is going to be bumpy, but it's worth it!”

— Warner Saunders
Anchorman, NBC-5 Chicago

“All the heroism and horror, all the human drama and tragedy, all the major battles and skirmishes, and all the strategies and tactics of America's bloodiest war are embodied in Jay Robert Nash's massive Encyclopedia of Civil War Battles, a monumental work of scrupulously researched history at its most fascinating. Like a hypnotically engaging novel on a vast and panoramic scale, the Encyclopedia of Civil War Battles bristles with stunningly vivid details and eye-witness accounts, diary entries and military reports, all of which are presented in Nash's inimitable narrative voice that bring these battles and the men who fought them to life in scene after memorable scene, in a set of profusely illustrated volumes destined to become the definitive work of its genre. A "must read" for anyone interested in American history, for anyone interested in the greatest crisis our nation has ever faced, and for anyone seeking an incomparable experience in the realm of history as literature.”

— Marc Davis, Contributing Editor, Britannica;
Author of Spector; Dirty Money; Florence Nightingale; The Georgia Colony; George H. W. Bush

“There is not a more determined, passionate, precise, inexhaustible and clear-eyed researcher on this planet than Jay Robert Nash. That he is also a writer of infinite and engaging style comes as a unique bonus. The Encyclopedia of Civil War Battles thrills.”

— Rick Kogan
WGN, Chicago, host of "Sunday Papers with Rick Kogan"

“Jay Robert Nash has again proven that he is a master researcher and storyteller, creating a gripping narrative of Civil War stories in vivid, chilling detail. The Encyclopedia of Civil War Battles is rich in human stories, from the foot soldiers to the generals on both sides of this epic conflict. In his thoroughly engaging style, Nash takes readers to the front lines and beyond. This work is staggering in scope, from its illustrations and rare photos to the minute-by-minute accounts of battles large and small. A fascinating work for historians and civil war buffs alike, this impressive set of volumes will stand the test of time and serve as the gold standard account of Civil War battles.”

— Kevin Davis
Author, Defending the Damned and The Wrong Man.

“ECWB was an epiphany. I was literally tranfixed by the stories and images. It was addictive, I kept looking for excuses to read more, and I was drawn in every time. I'm 55 years old with a decent library, and this is the only reference book I've ever read completely from cover to cover. Now that I have, I find it passes the supreme test of re-readability — and for me, that says it all.”

— Thomas A. Sawyer

“Once again, Jay Robert Nash has produced an incomparable reference work, comprehensive in its research and fascinating as a document that can be read with great pleasure by anyone with an interest in the Civil War or American history in general. This is an essential work that should be in all reference collections.”

— Kenneth Petchenik
Former President, Marquis Who's Who; Editor, Passport News

“I was genuinely impressed with the massive amount of research that has gone into this very detailed reference work. While I have seen a lot of publishing on this topic over the years, I have not encountered any other books that offer the comprehensiveness and depth of this project.”

— Damon Zucca, Reference Editor, Oxford University Press

“The thoroughness of each entry is impressive as is the scope of the whole work. The writing is clear and easy to read.”

— Nina Sassoon, Editor, Bantam/Dell

“In every regard I am very impressed by [the] 3-volume Encyclopedia of Civil War Battles.”

— Fred M. Woodward, Director, University Press of Kansas

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